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Company Cases About Air Shower and Cargo Air Shower

Air Shower and Cargo Air Shower

Latest company cases about Air Shower and Cargo Air Shower

Cargo Air Shower

G4 pre filter and H13 HEPA filter, 2-stage filtration. Ensure purification level.

Fully automatic infrared induction blowing.

Equipped with 360-degree adjustable stainless steel nozzle.Left and right sides blowing shower, large air volume and low noise centrifugal fan.
The air velocity of the nozzle can reach 22-27m/s.

Adopt LCD time display, air shower time is adjustable from 0-99S, show the completion time of air shower, with humanized voice prompts.


Product Description

The cargo air shower is a necessary passage for people or goods to enter the clean room, which can reduce the pollution problems caused by people or goods entering and leaving the clean room.It is a kind of local purification equipment with strong versatility. which is installed between the clean room and the non-dean room. When people or goods enter the clean area, they need to be blown through the cargo shower, and the clean air blown out can remove the dust carried by the personnel or goods, which can effectively block and reduce the dust source entering the clean area. At the same time, the front and rear doors are electronically interlocked, which can also act as an airlock to control the outside polluted air entering the clean area.

This equipment is widely used in air purification places such as biological laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, food processing, electronic factories, and painting. The company produces a fully automatic high-tech intelligent cargo air shower room with voice prompt system. When people enter the air shower, the automatic voice system prompts people to complete the entire process of blowing, showering and dust removal in an orderly manner. Humanized voice prompts give people a kind of cordial feeling, and achieve an effective purification effect.


Configuration Options

1.According to the material requirements:

Powder coated steel, Polish SUS 201/304/316; Mirror SUS 201/304/316
2.According to power supply requirements:
voltage 220V/380V, frequency 50Hz/60Hz. Number of phases: single-phase / three-phase;
3.According to the requirements of blowing:
single blow, top blow, double blow, three blow;
4.According to the number of people:
single person, double person, multiple people.
5.According to the door requirements:
manual doors, automatic 90 degree doors,sliding doors, fast rolling shutter doors. curtain doors, no doors,etc.
6.According to the requirements of use:
manual door, automatic door, S type, L type,three-doors air shower, bufferroom, etc.

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