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Company Cases About Medical Airtight Automatic Sliding Door

Medical Airtight Automatic Sliding Door

Latest company cases about Medical Airtight Automatic Sliding Door


Product Description

Medical airtight automatic sliding door, safe and convenient, meet the needs of medical and operating room with doors.
Application: Suitable for a variety of areas in hospital such as operating room, sterile care ward and ICU


Product Feature

1. High quality imported humanized control and operation of the drive motor
2. The surface of the door leaf can be optionally coated with antibacterial coating to prevent cross contamination and meet the needs of a sterile environment
3. Double sealing of leaf and frame with unique aluminum structure and sealing tape, with good airtight effect
4. Reinforced thick aluminum track fixed, translucent LED work display to meet the needs of customers
5. Automatic delayed closing (time adjustable), also provide automatic, normally open, normally closed, half open, one-way passage and other modes
6. With door opening buffer, automatic rebound when encountering obstacles, to ensure the safety of passage
7. A wide range of product styles, materials and glass viewing window structures are available to meet customer needs.


Product Parameter

Item Specification
Door Leaf Thickness 40mm
Internal Padding High Strength Paper/Aluminum
Honeycomb Core
Door Frame Material Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Door Leaf Material 1.0mm Composite Color Coated
Plate/Galvanized Steel Plate/ Stainless
Steel Plate
Service Life ≥2,000,000 Times
Open Door Running Speed 14-39.5cm/s Adjustable
Max Hole Size(W*H) 9-35cm/s Adjustable
Max Hole Size(W*H) 1500×2500mm
Optional Accessories Observation Window Dimming Glass


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