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Company Cases About Steel Structure Operating Room

Steel Structure Operating Room

Latest company cases about Steel Structure Operating Room

Cornering Method

a、R300 steel arc b、steel octagonal bevel


Installation Method

Environmentally friendly pre-spraying hanging plate type

Environmentally friendly pre-spraying welding type

Overall spraying after on-site splicing


The operating room wall panels are made of first-class environmentally friendly electrolytic steel plates or stainless steel plates.
Lined with high-strength fire-resistant gypsum board or calcium silicate board;


Product Description

The steel structure operating room is made of 1.2mm rust-proof and environmentally friendly electrolytic steel plate or stainless steel plate, and is lined with high-strength fire- resistant gypsum board or calcium silicate board. The installation methods include prefabricated hanging plate type and post-installation spray painting type. It has the effects of firm installation structure, rust resistance, scrub resistance, sound insulation and heat preservation.
The raw materials are all finished products produced and processed by the original factory that meets the national standards. All seams are sealed with anti-aging weather-resistant glue. The four connecting corners of the operating room are all processed into R300 arc or octagonal bevel, so that the wall, the ceiling is in an airtight state, and its service life can reach more than ten years.
Steel structures are widely used in many hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and top laboratories in Europe, America and Japan, and have now become one of the more mature wall decoration materials for operating rooms and clean rooms.

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