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Company News About Yaning Company Relocation Plan

Yaning Company Relocation Plan

Latest company news about Yaning Company Relocation Plan

                                     Our compay is about to move to a more bigger factory      

    Dongguan Yaning Purification company is a technology-based technology company specializing in the production of air showers, pass boxes, clean benches ,clean booth,FFU,Hepa box and other purification equipment. The company has more than 30 product patents, and many of its products have obtained ROHS, CE, FCC, ISO and Product performance inspection certificate. After more than ten years of development, an excellent team with a good reputation at home and abroad and a high level of professional technology has been formed.


   Time flies, and time passes. Under the correct guidance of the party and national policies, and under the strong leadership of Mr. Chen as the chief helmsman, we will unite and lead all Yaning people to work together for sustainable operation. We feel that we have a great responsibility and a glorious mission. The company has gone through more than ten years of struggle, and has gained full trust and praise from all walks of life. Thanks to the support and care of all walks of life, the production scale and operating plant have experienced time and time expansion, thus demonstrating the company's strong development stamina. Especially in recent years, the company's business has continuously achieved new breakthroughs and leaps, and has achieved considerable development and remarkable results. This month's housewarming is a self-challenge for the company from concept to practice. Yaning people will take this as an opportunity and rely on their strength to bring about a renewal of concept and a real and comprehensive improvement of business.


  Starting today, we will turn a new page in the company's development history. The new company address is No. 6, Chiling Industrial Third Ring Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, covering an area of 22 acres. After moving into the new office address, it will not only greatly improve the staff’s office environment, but also shape the external image of cultural enterprises. It heralds a bright and glorious development prospect in our future.


  In the future, Yaning Company will work hand in hand with friends from all walks of life in a larger field and seek common development. The company will continue to uphold the value concept of "creating the best products and services based on talents and technology", highlight product quality, and further promote the fine tradition of "The rise of the enterprise is my glory, the decline of the enterprise is my shame.", and keep Yaning company Bigger and stronger!


  In the new working environment, all employees of our company will work hard, pioneer and innovate with a new attitude and higher requirements, and transform first-class office conditions into first-class management, first-class quality image, and first-class development performance. , Create excellence and strive for the first, increase the pace of growth and expansion, and earnestly take on the social responsibility of Yaning.


  Good birds choose wood, housewarming Orioles sound, Orioles move to spit Ji, De must have neighbors, Yaning company warmly welcome elites from all walks of life to join, and seek common planning and common development, the company's platform will always belong to ambitious heroes.


  We firmly believe that with the strong support of the local people's government and the correct leadership of the company, through the perseverance and joint efforts of all Yaning people, we will definitely achieve greater development prospects and achieve a more brilliant future!

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